Internet Marketing Tips – How to Start Making Money Online

Making money online is a fantastic way to build your business. But, it is not always easy. In today’s article I want to talk about how you can start your own online business, and make it profitable.

1. Mindset

Mindset is huge when it comes to starting your own business. Without the right mindset, you will never get very far. You can be your own worst enemy. So, you want to make sure that you have your mind right. It is not always easy to do this.

So, make sure you focus on daily affirmations and affirming that you are good enough to build a successful business.

2. Make the Investment

Most people want to start a business and not invest any money. But, this is a big mistake. You need to invest money to make money. So, I would definitely suggest starting out with buying a domain name, hosting, and an autoresponder.

These are the bare essentials to starting. So, if you cannot afford them, make sure you do whatever you can to get the investment for this. It is a very little amount. So, it cannot be that difficult to come up with.

3. Build Your List

Make sure you start building your list from the very beginning. This is the biggest mistake that most online marketers make. For the most part, most people will not do this from the very beginning. Then, they will be kicking themselves in the end because they wish they would have. How do I know this? Because I was one of them.

There are many people out there just like me. So, if you are starting your business and want to start making money online, it is essential that you start with building your list.

Network Marketing Lead Generation – Five Ways to Be the Top Dog With Your Network Marketing Company

Lead generation is the answer to most problems a new network marketer is experiencing. Having a constant flow of warm blooded, breathing prospects to present your network marketing opportunity is the single most important thing to getting your business moving and making money.

You can be the expert guru on product knowledge but if you aren’t exposing people to your opportunity then 6 months or a year from now you will be a broke product guru.

Finding prospects or lead generation can be broken down into several basic categories… warm market, cold market, buying leads and attraction marketing.

This article touches on the different ways to generate prospects to present your network marketing opportunity.

Warm market… Who qualifies as your warm market? Friends, family, co-workers and casual acquaintances. If you are attempting to build your business this way, you know how tough this can be. Most network marketers still teach old school methods, make a list and contact everyone on your list. With your warm market you have to do Four Things…(1) Contact (2) Qualify (3) Present (4) Follow up

Now, some sponsors will suggest not contacting your warm market at first, or at least not your hottest warm market till you have some success. Hmm, why do they advise this? Well, they will tell you that after you have created some success then your warm market is more likely to listen to you. Can’t argue with the reasoning, but really unless they are interested in creating a change in their life they aren’t going to listen to you anyway.

Cold Market…boy, I can feel the enthusiasm. Have you ever heard of the three foot rule? The rule states reach out to anyone that comes within your immediate proximity. When you’re at the mall start talking to that sales person behind the counter, ask them questions like: “are you making all the money you want?” “Do you leave your options open to business opportunities?” etc.

Buying leads is the third way many are taught to build their business. But is this method really any different from working your cold market? You pay x amount of dollars for a list that you are told have responded to some business opportunity marketing. The problem with the majority of these leads list is they can be very costly and you have no control of what information they are truly interested in receiving.

Attraction marketing is where you are generating leads that want to communicate with you. You simply position yourself as an expert in whatever niche you are involved with and people will seek you out to help them solve their problem. Why is this so powerful?

- You are in control of where this lead originates from.

- They are telling you they are interested in hearing what you have to say.

- They have a level of trust in what you have to say.

You are the solution provider that can solve your prospects problem.

Five ways to generate leads to dominate your network marketing company

1. Content rich blogging. Provide value by educating your prospects. You can do this with content on a blog. You can offer affiliate links to training sources or even create your own coaching program and offer as a membership site.

2. Video marketing on sites like YouTube is huge. You can create a short video giving your twist on a new book or training program and then link to your blog or lead capture page.

3. Place free or cheap classified ads with a link to your lead capture page. There are hundreds of sites online where you can post these classified ads that get a ton of traffic. You can even go off line with local small newspapers or bulletins.

4. Social networking sites like Facebook can be a goldmine of new prospects waiting for you. The key to most of these methods is providing value by teaching something or giving your spin on material available. Never out right pitch your opportunity.

5. Article marketing has proven to be a great source to attract your target market. You don’t have to be an English major to be successful, in fact you want to write like your are speaking to the prospect sitting across the table. Sure grammar, punctuation and spelling are important, but the point is write as if you are explaining your point to a person not the world wide web.